Want A Healthier, Longer Life For Your Baby?


The last few weeks have been a huge reminder of the importance of lifestyle choices for our family. We have several members with tooth issues, at least 2 of which are estimated at $10,000-$20,000 to address (and insurance will not cover the bulk of it), and we have one family member who was hospitalized for heart disease. This stay resulted in the placement of a stent (a metal implant to open up a blocked artery around your heart), accompanied by the high recommendation to come back in the next month to have another one placed as there is an additional artery that has a large amount of blockage.

And we have a pretty healthy lifestyle!!

We are all fairly active, don’t really watch much tv (some of us not at all), and only one of us is a bit over weight. (Probably needs to lose about 50 lbs.)

All of this got me reading and researching just as fast as my fingers could type and my brain could read about what natural alternatives exist for some of the everyday things that plague our society. In the process of doing this, I have run across some information I wanted to share with all you mommies and hope that it will motivate you to make some changes ASAP!

I found that:

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