To Cisco: Thankfulness For Having A Partner

Good week, everyone!

This week’s post is dedicated to my husband, Cisco, and how thankful I am to have a partner in my parenting adventures as a mami.

I never really understood, before Mr. Sweetie was born, just how many extra things there would be to accomplish in a day. It turns out that looking after the every need of a small human being is actually a pretty large group of tasks. And, especially since starting school up again, it is a large group of tasks that loom almost insurmountable without anyone nearby to help out.

I sometimes get so caught up in my role and responsibility to my family as a student, that I forget that I am not the only person here who is making sacrifices. Cisco helps me out with whatever I ask him to, to the absolute best of his ability, at all times. He even started doing the dishes periodically without being asked, which is always such a refreshing surprise, and I try my best to enjoy those moments and just relax.

I absolutely adore watching him be a father. He is extremely loving, attentive, patient, kind, and fun, and Mr. Sweetie makes me melt when he runs up to his Papa when he sees him, or when his face lights up when we pick Cisco up from work.

Yes, even though I feel that I have a lot of weight on my shoulders, Cisco is definitely an unsung hero. He loves me through my crabby, frazzled times, and my down times. He is such an incredible source of calm and care for me, and I cannot imagine parenting without him.

If you have a moment, please take it to appreciate the partner in your life, or the people who help you with your little sweeties so you can pursue a better life, dreams, etc. Parenting can become very narrow in its focus, but the truth is, it would be much harder without the people who are there to lend a hand.

Thank you, Amor.

Do you make time to thank the partner/helpers in your life? How do you think your lives would improve if you made this a frequent practice? How do you thank those people? Please leave your comment in the space below; we would love to hear from you!


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Mami is an artist, aspiring entrepreneur, and first-time, full-time mother. She enjoys long walks with Mr. Sweetie, good food and cooking, her family and dear friends, writing, arting and crafting. She doesn't know everything, but wants to learn, and loves to do research and share what she finds. She thinks life is like a box of puzzle pieces: you keep trying until it fits, because every piece has its place. She owns and operates whatever she sets her mind to, and knows that the sky is only the limit if you haven't left the ground yet.

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