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So here we are into the third week of January, 2016, and I am realizing that even though I am accomplishing things every single day, sometimes I get to the end of the day and think, “Wow! Where did this day go and just what did I get done?” This is regardless of the fact that I am in motion non-stop from the time I get up until the time I go to bed. Do you ever feel this way?

Combine that with a couple recent trips to the doctor (OB/GYN checkup and locating a new primary care doc as well as one trip to the ER for really high blood pressure) where they ask you for information and history of symptoms, habits, etc., and I am really looking for some kind of ultimate tracking system. One that can keep track of health symptoms (like headaches, blood pressure, sleep times/quality, weight, nausea, pain, etc), food diary, allergy symptoms, exercise tracking, mood and combine that with watching my every move and noting what the heck I am doing with my time each day as well as allowing me to input reminders for appointments, errands, projects, classes, etc.

I have looked in the past as well, and there are a ton of resources available on the internet or through apps for your phone or tablet as well as printable ones, but I have yet to see an all-encompassing one. Since I am wishing already, I might as well add it would be awesome if it would cross reference these areas to each other to allow for helping to see any cause and effect possibilities.

In the meantime, I am using a tracking app on my phone for my blood pressure, using a notepad on my phone for moment-to-moment activities and researching printable ones online for various symptom options and the daily planning/tracking stuff. Some of the ones I have been checking out, if this is of interest to you too are:

For some good old-fashioned printable forms, there are quite a variety of health related trackers (including asthma, headache, medication, child sleep diary, mood, food, PMS, attention deficit, etc) located here as well as many on the webMD site including a women’s fertility chart and food & fitness tracker (here). If you are an Excel fan, there are some free options here for either daily, weekly or monthly planning and tracking as well as explanations and guidance about which type is best for your situation (here).

A couple of the apps I have been considering are Momentum (check it out here) and Productive – Habit Tracker (check  it out here – I have an iPhone, so that is all I am familiar with although I did see a recommendation online for HabitBull (see it here), available on both Android & IOS).

I also ran across a post on the Forbes website from 2013 referring to the timeless recommendations for mastering time management developed over 300 years ago by Benjamin Franklin that seem very beneficial, so I am quoting them here (see the full article here):

Applying Benjamin Franklin’s Method

Here are 12 time management habits for the new year. Tailor these as you like, but whatever you do, work on one each week using Benjamin Franklin’s method:

Habit 1: Strive to be authentic. Be as honest with yourself as you can about what you want and why you do what you do.

Habit 2: Favor trusting relationships. Put your efforts into building relationships with people you can trust and count on, and make sure those same people can trust and count on you.

Habit 3: Maintain a lifestyle that will give you maximum energy. Work your way up to doing aerobic exercise at least three times a week, eating a light lunch, and getting enough sleep.

Habit 4: Listen to your biorhythms and organize your day accordingly. Make it a habit to pay attention to regular fluctuations in your physical and mental energy levels throughout the day; and based on what you learn, make adjustments to how you schedule tasks.

Habit 5: Set very few priorities and stick to them. Select a maximum of two things that are your highest priority, and plan time to work on them.

Habit 6: Turn down things that are inconsistent with your priorities. Get good at saying no to other people, and do so frequently.

Habit 7: Set aside time for focused effort. Schedule time every day to work on just one thing.

Habit 8: Always look for ways of doing things better and faster. Be on the lookout for tasks you do over and over again, and look for ways of improving how you do them.

Habit 9: Build solid processes. Set up processes that last and that run without your attention.

Habit 10: Spot trouble ahead and solve problems immediately. Set aside time to think about what lies ahead, and face all problems as soon as you can.

Habit 11: Break your goals into small units of work, and think only about one unit at a time. Spend most of your time working on the task in front of you, and avoid dreaming too much about the big goal.

Habit 12: Finish what’s important and stop doing what’s no longer worthwhile. Don’t stop doing what you considered worth starting unless there’s a good reason to give it up.

I felt inspired as I read these and reminded myself that Benjamin Franklin accomplished quite a few things in his lifetime, so they must be wise. However, if any of you know of a time-turner like Hermione had in the Harry Potter stories (she used it to turn back time and attend more than one class in the same amount of time), let me know…

Blessings to you and thank you for all the loving parenting you do; it makes a better world, one Sweetie at a time.

Hug attached,

Koolma  : )

What tools or techniques do you use to keep you on track for accomplishing what you want?   Do you use any apps you think are really great?   Do you use time management tools for family related things like chores, appointments, school work, etc?

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