The Healing Power of Touch and Love

IMG_0075I woke again this morning, in another city, in a different state than where I live, with a headache. It included the another stiff neck and jaw area, and a slightly upset stomach. I have experienced this about 5 times in the 9 days that we have been gone.

I am not positive of the cause, and they usually subside after either self-massage with essential oils for headaches, drinking a little coffee, taking a hot shower, and possibly some gentle stretching or moving around. They could be due to the elevation difference (some people are said to have difficulties with this change), it could be environmental (I am a bit sensitive to a few things), but I really think it is that I have been indulging too much on sugar on this trip… Whatever the cause, it all adds up to the headache, etc experience = not much fun!!

I made the commitment to myself about 7 months ago that I would not use NSAID’s for headaches, etc anymore. This was after a discussion with a long-time very dear friend who has done a lot of research and reading over the years on health and wellness, teaching me many things. I knew they were not that good for you and did not take them often, but according to her even taking them very occasionally is NOT a good idea, hence the self-commitment.

Back to the story at hand…. This morning the headache, etc was a bit stronger than any of the other days. I decided to try something new, THC lotion, I mean we are in Colorado and I was told it was very effective for headaches, aches, pains, etc., and had just picked up a small bottle to try on sore feet and shoulders yesterday.

I rubbed some on my neck and head, but did not notice much difference. After 10-20 minutes, I decided to go ahead and add some of the essential oil combo for headaches. It did not seem to make much difference either, so I got into a hot shower. It felt better while I was in there, but did not last once I got out.

At this point, my new hubby woke up and checked in with me. I gave him the update and he offered to massage my neck and shoulders. I really did not know if it would make much difference (I am a trained massage therapist after all… I also am better about giving to others than asking for help), but thought it was so sweet for him to offer that I would take him up on it. He used the THC lotion and proceeded to massage my neck and shoulders and low back, checking in occasionally about how I was doing, or if there were other areas that needed attention. I would give him the update and he would adjust the area being attended to as indicated, finally ending up on my sore feet.

Magically, by the end of the 15-20 minutes he did this, I felt just fine!!! I was soooo thankful and grateful and was able to get up and help make breakfast to prepare for our previously planned trip to visit Boulder, which I had wondered if I was really feeling up to.

This whole experience reminded me again of the magic and power of a loving touch and receiving from another who really cares about you.

I flashed back on a day, very similar, about 15-20 years ago, when Mami, then a small girl, took out her little bag of gemstones and laid them out on my head, face and shoulders to help soothe a headache I had at that time. Again, magically, it disappeared after she performed all her self-created rituals of giving me attention and love!!!

I am definitely aware that mommies are in a very special and powerful position to provide loving and nurturing touch to their children, in a way that can stay with them for a lifetime. This is also true for our spouses, partners or friends. Anyone we care for and feel comfortable providing love and caring to can benefit profoundly, and it can come full circle back to us, as I experienced today and those many years ago from Mami.

Similarly, I listened to an NPR show entitled “Is The Human Hand Our Best Technology” and watched a good video by the same Stanford doctor (Dr. Abraham Verghese), giving a talk to suggest that touch is the future of medicine.

Dr. Verghese indicates that he learned he was communicating a message through his touch and presence. The message was “I will always, always, always be there. I will see you through this. I will never abandon you. I will be with you through the end.” You can see his whole talk, which I definitely recommend, here. He also states that “Rituals are about transformation.”

After my other personal experiences, I definitely agree. See what you think.

Do you have any experiences where touch has really benefited you or a loved one?   Can you think of ways to respond with touch more often (with your children, partner, or friends)?   Are you comfortable asking for touch when you would benefit from it?  If not, how could you become more comfortable?

Blessings to you and thank you for all the loving parenting you do, it makes a better world one Sweetie at a time.

Hug attached,

Koolma  : )

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