Sweetie Vogue

This is Sweetie Vogue!

Before you read, these items are rated using The Sweetie Scale, as follows. Every item is first rated with a letter, to determine how strong the overall rating is. The letter is then followed by a number, which determines the level of greatness, or lack of. For example, some really good things have minor flaws, which do not completely take away the fact that they are really good. Something in this category would be rated B2. Go forth, and enjoy! –Sweetie

B for Boob – this is my favorite thing in the world.
S for Sleep – good, but not my favorite.
C for Clothes Change – this definitely gives me a grumpy face.

3 – wouldn’t change it! Sweetie-stamped!
2 – like hiccups. Minor annoyances.
1 – couldn’t change it fast enough. Wet and stinky.



CAM00455Blueberry Simplex AIO Reusable Cloth Pocket Diapers

These were the very first diapers my mami bought for me, and my first experience ever with a cloth diaper! My favorite is a rich brown with colorful dinosaurs all over it, because I require the kind of accoutrement that screams, “FIERCE!” to balance out all the sugar (and sometimes drool) I ooze. These are AIO (All-In-One) pocket diapers, with the insert sewn on at one end, so they are single-use. Mami really wanted to try them out because they are 100% cotton on the inside, and she only accepts the very best for her Sweetie (that’s me!) and her Sweetie’s bum (that’s mine!). For the first few weeks, they worked and fit fine, aside from having a hard time adjusting them well enough around the waist to be just tight enough to keep my pee inside. But I am a professional grower and urinator, so, by six weeks, they were getting tight in the legs, and we needed a new one about once an hour because they didn’t absorb enough and were so wet they started to leak out! We tried stuffing the pocket with a second insert, but this made the diaper much too small. The excessive moisture against my sensitive Sweetie skin started causing some diaper rash, too. We also discovered, as I was helping to clean them, that the cotton used for the inserts and inside of the diapers stains pretty easily, and they require more time and scrubbing to keep them looking fresh. Mami says they run a little small, and would probably last longer for the more wee babies and preemies. Rated: C1


CAM00457Fuzzibunz Perfect Size AIO Reusable Cloth Pocket Diapers

These are typically my evening/overnight attire. I really like to pay homage to the moon with a primal bright yellow near bedtime. These pocket diapers come with fitted removable inserts made of microfiber terry cloth that clean up quickly and easily, and are super absorbent! They dry quickly on low heat. Mami had ordered two of these to give them a whirl when I outgrew the Blueberry diapers, and got me three more as soon as she could because they are now our favorite AIO pocket diaper! Comfy, spacious, the Perfect Size diapers come in five colors, all of which in Large are now staples of my wardrobe. Normally, they are just under $20, but if you catch them during a sale, they are a complete steal at $10-$12. Rated: B2


Charlie Banana Sized AI2 Reusable “Hybrid” Cloth Diapers

I sported this diaper my first time at 8 weeks for a little afternoon flair, selecting a white with a cluster of red leaves falling down the back, to get me in the spirit of the crisp weather out today. Mami had bought them 1) to try out some “hybrid” diapers, and 2) because I have been doing such a great job growing that she needed to find something that fits me now, yet has plenty of room to see me through several more months. “Hybrid” means they consist of a waterproof polyester cover, and contain both a large enclosed pocket inside, and a smaller, open half-pocket. They can be used like a standard pocket diaper by putting a reusable insert into the larger bottom pocket, making it single-use, or by putting the insert into the smaller half-pocket, which lets the insert lie on top of the large pocket, allowing for multiple uses, so long as my mami times it right and we miss one of my poop fiestas! Charlie Banana also sells disposable inserts that can be placed into the small pocket, for the trash-inclined. I wore this diaper during a wonderfully relaxing two-hour nap, during which I indulged in a bit of boob, resulting, at changing time, in a very wet surprise for Mami. We held our breath as she snapped it open, and were both very pleased to find that, though the reusable insert was completely soaked through, the inside of the diaper underneath was barely affected, meaning we just changed out the inserts and continued using the cover! Being a boy, my biggest problem areas for urine getting through are along the waistband, and the design of the snaps on the front allowed the diaper to be snug but not tight, yet still let it do its job protecting all my fancy clothes and the bed from any unpleasantries. Best of all, it saved money, time, and space in the diaper pail. The one downside for anyone exclusively interested in natural materials against their sweetie’s bum is that the inserts included are made of a polyester mix, but that didn’t affect my rating because they can be substituted with inserts of whatever material suits you and your precious bum best! Mami and I are both agree, at just under $20 per diaper, these are more than worth their price. We will be buying more in a couple weeks when my Bumkins are too small. Rated: B3