Sleep?! Who Needs It?

Well, now I’ve got almost four months under my diaper waistline, and the days are zooming by! Doing push-ups, dancing with Mami, hanging out on Wednesdays with Koolma, and trying to fit Tigger’s whole nose into my mouth. As you can see, I keep very busy over here.

Up until the past couple days, I was taking some delicious three- and four-hour naps during the day, and keeping it up over the nighttime, too! Now, though, I am having a hard time staying asleep, at any point during the day, even with my precious boob, because something is going on. Mami says it’s called “four-month sleep regression”. I think it’s because I am growing a lot, and also learning how to move my body more, so my whole world is just a lot more interesting, and I don’t want to put it down to sleep more than a half an hour or an hour.

Can you blame me? Check out all the awesome things this big world is full of! Lights, shadows, textures, tastes, and lots of people and animals to meet. And I want to help Mami with everything she does, because she is the most amazing person on the planet! No wonder I don’t want to say goodnight! Who would?

I guess, sadly, the answer to that is, Mami and Papa sure would. Yep, when I wake up at three AM ready to party, they’re both tired! I don’t understand it. That’s my new favorite Sweetie play time! Maybe they can take a break from sleeping. It doesn’t seem too important to me, anyway.

Mr. Sweetie

Mr. Sweetie is a first-time person and full-time sweetie. He loves kisses and his Papa, Cisco, and hanging out with his Mami, Grandpa, and Koolma while he learns about living. He drools sometimes, and his dreams are of big, happy, milky boobs, and saving the world. He thinks life is like a giant boob: the more you suckle, the more it produces. You can find him most days sleeping in the bed he was born on, planning his next fantastical adventure.

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