Skin Issues Are More Than Skin Deep – Tips on Healing Eczema


Hi Friends, Mamis & Koolma Sisters!

I took another trip last week (kinda last minute…) and was so busy I skipped my weekly post! One of the things you will all probably get to face and deal with as you get older or just go through life (as it can happen at any age) is assisting with issues concerning aging, dying or deceased parents. Bottom line, I had to take a trip to go help out with hopefully typing up some final loose ends to sell my dad’s house and get rid of any remaining items (he passed away 3 years ago). I also got the opportunity while I was in town to go to my mom’s new home (she moved to an assisted living center about 3 months ago) and spend time with her while in town. These are a whole topic in and of themselves that I will probably write about in some form in the future, but for today…

I want to update you about skin issues!

I have been having some intermittent foot itching and hand itching for just over a year now, but about 3 months ago my hands decided they had had enough and not only got really itchy, but started having blisters and little red bumps. These then gave way to very dry (like mud cracking in the dry sun) skin, some pain, sensitivity and peeling. All of which was not only no fun, but rather concerning, especially because it just started of spreading from one location to another (finger to finger to palm, from left hand to right). I started wondering if it was just going to cover my body, like when Neo gets covered by the silver liquid in the Matrix.

I tried a number of things, diluted apple cider vinegar, rubbing on coconut oil with Vitamin E at bedtime (covered with socks – very cute!), several other creams (including Mr. Sweetie’s butt cream (thank you Mami!), cutting back on my swimming, etc. I finally decided I had to go to the dermatologist! We not only talked about the several areas on my body that were having issues, the history of it, my health history and family health, but also my diet, allergies, etc. (cudos to Dr. Daniel Carrasco in Austin, Texas).

He ended up confirming that the condition on my feet was not athlete’s foot, but was also eczema, as it was on my hands, and that I had some rosacea on my cheeks. He made a couple “modern” suggestions (like laser for my cheeks and steroid creams for my hands/feet), but I assured him that I am very committed to natural living and would not be doing either of those.

Having never faced skin issues like this before, I was surprised to hear his response.

He said that these all have a foundation in systemic inflammation and the only “real” and long-lasting solution was to heal the internal issues I was having. He highly recommended doing 4 things:

1- Drinking lots & lots of bone broth (I use this one when I travel, but make my own when I am home);

2- Taking fish oil (I use this one – pricey, I know, but it is one of the best you can take & is supposed to be magical in it’s effect for skin, teeth, etc.);

3- Taking turmeric (I use this one to make “Golden Paste” (instructions are here) and then blend it with nuts, dates and spices to make a drink); and

4- Continuing with the Leaky Gut healing diet that I have been doing for the last 3 months to heal my immune system (something like 80+% of our immune system is in our gut!). Apparently, certain foods can be irritating to your system, or it can be due to some external exposure that is an issue for you.

Since seeing the dermatologist, I also chatted with a pharmacist who happens to be trained in acupuncture and recommended a Chinese herb combination that seems to be helpful and I have tried an additional 4-5 creams/moisturizers. I am still experimenting with that while I continue the diet, drink bone broth and do my best to remember the fish oil (I haven’t been taking it regularly for some time and am having a hard time remembering it…). I am also due to make a new batch of Golden Paste as I used mine all up before the trip, but will do that tonight or tomorrow and start back with drinking it at least several times per week, if not everyday.

I will keep you posted on what I find out and experience that is helpful, or worsens the issues, and would love to hear what you or your family have experienced.

Blessings to you and thank you for all the loving parenting you do; it makes a better world, one Sweetie at a time.

Hug attached,

Koolma  : )

Have you or your family experienced eczema or other skin issues?     What have you done to help heal or soothe them?

We’d love to hear from you!  Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section so we can help each other; remember, we are all in this together!

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