Hello, all!

I am just dropping a quick line to let you know that moving has gone pretty easily, as far as moving goes. We are now the proud residents of a trailer park

It has been so busy for me that I don’t have much in the way of a post this week, just a parting thought:

Everything will get done, eventually. And then, there will be more. This too shall pass – and be replaced with other things. This is the way of life, so it is very important to fully enjoy those moments of silence and calm.

Have a great week, everyone!


Encouraging Empowered Mamis Everywhere To Do What They Do


Mami is an artist, aspiring entrepreneur, and first-time, full-time mother. She enjoys long walks with Mr. Sweetie, good food and cooking, her family and dear friends, writing, arting and crafting. She doesn't know everything, but wants to learn, and loves to do research and share what she finds. She thinks life is like a box of puzzle pieces: you keep trying until it fits, because every piece has its place. She owns and operates whatever she sets her mind to, and knows that the sky is only the limit if you haven't left the ground yet.

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