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We’ve had a bit of sickness going around the household in the last few days, which doesn’t happen that often for us (Halllelujah!!), but it does remind me of how important it is to take care of yourself on a day-to-day basis, how great it feels to just have a “normal” day (you know the kind you usually take for granted), and it is an opportunity to catch up on some of those videos you have really been wanting to watch for awhile.  : )

Aside from the above, you pretty much prefer it NEVER happens!!!  For you, your partner, your kids or your pets because it just usually isn’t any FUN!!!

It also reminds of something I really want to share with you in case you are new to healthier more natural living, and that is the power of healing available in your foods, your attitude and potions or supplements that you can either get pretty easily or you can make yourself.

I got into natural healing and wellness over 30 years ago and have not looked back. I am still learning more and more about all the things that support us in living as healthy and happy as we can. I think it is even easier to do these days as the internet provides so many resources for finding help with basically any topic you are curious about or being faced with. For example, my fiance started getting sicker and sicker several days ago. He had a really bad headache accompanied by an increasing cough with mucus in his lungs and felt sore all over.

Being a massage therapist, I have many essential oils, one of which is specific for headaches, so I started by massaging his temples, sinuses, and base of the skull using this oil, which contains alot of basil and peppermint, along with several other oils. His headache went away! I also rubbed tea tree and eucalyptus oils on his chest and had him take a steam (you could also take a hot shower). After that I had him lay on the massage table and perform a massage technique called “cupping”. To do this, you hold your hands in a cup-like position, as if you were carrying a little water in your hand to take it somewhere. Keeping them in this position, with the palm side you use them to rhythmically smack on the back, to the side of the spine and outward. This helps to loosen any fluid in the lungs so it can be discharged.

I also read in my healthy reference books for other recommendations for things like bronchitis and pneumonia and found a recipe for Onion Syrup (see the recipe below) to assist in the decongesting process. As well as grabbed some herbal remedies I had in the cabinet and made him a healthy cocktail. This included some organic orange juice, diluted 50/50 with water to reduce the amount of sugar, some vitamin c powder, 12 drops of oregano oil (to help fight off any possible infection), and about 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract (to help the immune system). This all helped him significantly in both feeling better and being able to rest. He also started taking a cup with him to spit out any dislodged mucus rather than swallow it for the body to have to deal with when it is already challenged.

As I did the cupping on his back, I had him take deep breaths while imagining healthy oxygen and healing energy entering and reviving his body and toxins and mucus leaving his body with each exhale. You could simplify that by just thinking that each inhale is giving you what you need to heal and each exhale is removing everything that is making you sick. (Note: he did end up going to the doctor as he still felt more congested than he liked the next morning and wanted to confirm he did not have something he should be taking antibiotics for, etc. The doctor told him it was just viral and to get some expectorant and gave him a prescription for an inhaler to assist with his breathing. He opted not to get that, but we purchased an additional herbal expectorant to add to the arsenal. He felt so much better he returned to work.)

The same day he came home feeling sick, I had received an urgent call at 8:00 a.m. from a friend who experienced a minor heart attack just a few days before and had had a really bad headache for five days that she just could not get rid of. Since I had helped get rid of headaches for her before and the Tylenol they were allowing her was not doing anything for it, she wanted to come by and get a massage to see about getting rid of it. I worked on her using the same headache oil and same places, as well as her entire scalp and some overall relaxation techniques while teaching her a simple meditation for relaxing further and VOILA!!! No headache at the end of the session. She was soooooo happy and thankful!!

These are just a couple of recent examples of using natural and readily available products and techniques to help heal you, your family and friends that I am still using. I started using natural healing options before marriage and having babies, and both of my kids were completely raised this way. During their time at home, they each probably saw a doctor no more than about 5-10 times – from birth to age 18. That includes times that were required due to participation in sporting activities. They are now 27 and 24. I highly recommend mothering and doctoring this way. It not only saves you a large amount of money, but is much more empowering. (Note: There are instances when people really need the advice and assistance of a physician, but my observation is that by eating a healthy whole foods diet and using natural remedies, herbs, homeopathics, etc, many of the things people go to a physician for can be addressed by themselves or prevented.)

Onion Syrup Recipe

Slice about 5-6 yellow onions (organic) and put them in a stainless pan on low with 1/2 cup raw honey. Let it all simmer for 2 hrs, let it cook and then strain it into a glass jar. (I added the juice of one organic lemon when I put it in the bottle, to help with flavor and healing.) Take 1 Tablespoon every couple hours.

Blessings to you and thanks for all the loving parenting you do.

Hug attached,

Koolma  : )


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