Mommies Rule The World! — With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

I sometimes wish that I could speak to every woman in the world and they would REALLY listen to me and hear some of the things I have to say because I feel like they are that important and yet the world behaves completely differently!!  – Does everyone feel this way?

Right now I am talking about all the pain and suffering, war, homicides, abuse, rape, theft, political corruption, and messed up systems (economic, political, medical, insurance, legal, etc.). Don’t you see things that go on in the world and wonder why do these people do these things?

Within the last couple months, someone has randomly come through our neighborhood, on separate occasions, and broken the window in my daughter’s truck and broken the window in her dad’s car with the intention to steal them and other items. They were unsuccessful in stealing the vehicles, but caused damage to them that now has to be paid for by the owners. Do people ever think about or care how they would feel if someone did some of these things to them? Do they ever wonder if their victims even had enough money to pay their bills, buy food or get that medication or procedure they critically need, let alone now also buy a new vehicle or stolen tv (or whatever was stolen) or pay to repair what was damaged!! What if they were elderly and had no other vehicle to use nor insurance to cover these damages while living a fixed income?

It really disappoints me in the human race. Sometimes I think I want to be from another species with more integrity.

I reflect back on where I grew up, we used to go to town shopping for hours and leave the front door open leading to the porch and never EVER had anyone come in and steal anything. This was on the outskirts of a mid-sized city. What’s up world?

Then, just because my mind works the way it does, I think about how people get where they are now & where they came from.

They ALL came from a mommy/mother. What would their mother be saying to them if they were with them at the time they were doing these things? Or when they were thinking about doing them or planning it? Same with the corruption – what would your mommy think about your plans guys? Would she be proud of you? Would she be saying, “That’s my son!” (or daughter) and beaming?

Mommies are the one’s who teach so many things to their kids and set the tone for the entire household (joyful, stressed, playful, argumentative, peaceful, etc.) – of course fathers and society play a role as well, but a mommy’s role is critical. She usually chooses the food the family will eat, setting the health for the entire family and herself. She will allow or not allow certain types of entertainment and activities, and teach by example about how to communicate, get along in relationships, as well as respect for one’s self and others, and what type of attitude to approach life with, as well as so many other things. Mommies are typically THE caretaker and/or guide about caretaking for the rest of the family, while dad’s are typically the provider and protector. These two hopefully work in partnership with the intention of creating happiness, health and success for the whole family.

Hence, Mommies are very powerful, and, in a way, rule the world. Just think if ALL the mothers everywhere stopped purchasing something because they were united in how unhealthy or unbeneficial it was for them, their families, and therefore, the world? That would be a pretty big statement and would undoubtedly have some impact. What if they all stuck together and did that about a whole bunch of the things that we see going on in the world that most people look at and ask “Why is that happening?” I think alot of decision makers and corporations would start caring about whether Mommies approved of what they were doing or not. Perhaps we could start a Mommy Movement to create health, happiness and peace for all. I mean, what Mommy wants her child to be unhealthy, unhappy or die in a war? Not any Mommy I know, but for some reason, I don’t see these things being a big enough priority to the people making the decisions — I think they may need a little help.

I suggest that we all consider this and realize how important we are to ourselves and our families and that, in turn, flows out to the rest of the world, as well as that we take the time to take care of ourselves, and make it a priority to do so, modeling this to our children and husbands/partners. That we treat ourselves, our families, husbands/partners, friends, co-workers, people at the grocery store, etc with respect, honesty, kindness and appreciation, so that we model these to our kids and help create a better world, one person and family at a time.

On a similar note, I was reading an article yesterday on CNN’s site (here) about “The CNN 10 Healthiest Cities”. One of those cities, Jonkoping, Sweden, actually rates so high on the list because their government has created a number of imaginary people that are elderly, and then looks at ways to make their life the best it can be by making changes in the city to support them to be happier and healthier through their daily lives. Pretty impressive planning on their part, I think. Not just that, but this then gives them much higher experiences of well-being and life expectancy and is probably better for their society as a whole, since they are all going to be older one day.

This is just one example of what actually can be done when something is a priority to the people. Since Mommies are typically caretakers by nature, it only makes sense that we should be proud of our role and do it the best we can. Learn continually about what helps to make our families healthier, happier, kinder, more considerate and trustworthy and ways to integrate those things into your families’ life so we can all create a better world. Remember, it begins with us – at home.

Blessings to you and thanks for all the loving parenting you do.

Hug attached,

Koolma  : )

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