Miracle! Miracle! – 4 Month-Old Picasso Is Born!!

Yesterday I received a very unusual message. I actually had gotten two missed calls, but was in a class for several hours with my phone on silent so I was unaware of them until afterwards. They raised my concern as they were from Mami and she rarely calls me – she really prefers texting. No message was left, but they made me wonder if something was wrong with her, Mr. Sweetie, or if one or both of our puppies had gotten out of the yard while we were away and something had happened to them.

I immediately called, but got her voicemail. I left a message saying we were on our way home and to call back and let me know what was going on. A little while later, I received a text indicating that Mr. Sweetie had something he wanted to show me. Whew!! That brought some relief as at least it indicated a “non-emergency”.

Of course, my mind started contemplating what this might be… Probably the reaching of a new milestone, like rolling over. It still seemed interesting that she wanted to show me something as I have been sick the last few days, so they have been staying away to prevent any of them, especially Mr. Sweetie, from catching anything.

I let them know when we got home and they came over. What an unexpected surprise!! Mr. Sweetie had done his very first work of art!! (see the pic above) Pretty amazing as he just turned 4 months old the day before. Of course, Mami had to help him out a little bit, but it definitely had his footprint all over it….  :  )  She also said that the small sketchpad it was done in would now be his sketchpad, and full of all his artwork. Brilliant!!

This reminded me of how I have been learning the absolute importance and value of creativity and the high price we pay of squelching it. I was recently watching a video by Sir Ken Robinson, entitled “School Kills Creativity” (with pointers on how to educate them so they can learn in a way that nurtures and supports innovation) which you can access here. It gives a very good overview of the equal importance that needs to be placed on literacy AND creativity. As creativity and the willingness to be wrong allows us to take chances and not be afraid to do it.

It makes sense that this creativity and willingness to be wrong would be the foundation that sets us up to be innovators, problem solvers, entrepreneurs, inventors, etc. Not to mention that we probably would be much happier with our lives if we were not repressing our own innate creativity in response to life’s experiences and challenges.

In my own life, I am reminded of this every day as my beloved partner and playmate, Muse-pa, has introduced me to so many things I have never done before. Things that I had no prior experience in nor inclination to do, like riding a camel, going for a ride on the Olympic bobsled, indoor skydiving, performing live improv comedy singing, participating and recording in an international songwriting challenge, learning about and participating in app development, and the list goes on. They continually challenge my boundaries, confidence, abilities, and my willingness to learn and make mistakes while still feeling really fine about it (or at least re-learning to feel really fine about it). They also significantly stimulate my creativity while increasing my abilities and confidence. As I am finding, if you can’t feel okay about making mistakes, you will not make it very far, because that will stop you in your tracks.

Unfortunately, as Sir Ken Robinson points out, all our education systems have the arts at the bottom of the hierarchy of importance, and some school systems have even done entirely, or nearly entirely, away with the arts in schools. I feel this makes it all the more important for mommies everywhere to support, encourage and cultivate creativity and the okay-ness of making mistakes or being wrong while creating and trying new things.

Not only that, but if you watch the video to the end, you will hear about the eye-opening potential benefits of simply following the cues our children give us, and supporting them, rather than negating them or resorting to treatment by medication. A must-view by all adults who love kids, and for our own benefit.

I cannot wait to see what beautiful or interesting piece of art Mr. Sweetie comes up with next, as well as the evolution of his art and creativity over time as he grows and learns. What joy!!!

Blessings to you and thanks for all the loving parenting you do.

Hug attached,

Koolma  : )

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  1. March 26, 2015

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