Mami, Take Me With You!

When you are cooking, I want to be in your arms,

watching you flip tortillas in cast-iron pans,

blending smoothies and cooking steaks.

When you are washing my diapers, I want to be in your arms,

even though I can’t really help yet,

watching your face while you scrub out my poops.

When you are walking, I want to be in your arms,

because I can see the world from a very different place,

and because I like how your steps bounce me gently.

When you are dancing, I want to be in your arms,

so we can both move at the same time to the same music,

so I can feel how happy your heartbeat is next to mine.

When you are sleeping, I want to be in your arms,

because I want us to share the same warmth on our bellies as I fall asleep,

because I want to be where you are in your dreams.

Mami, take me with you,

where we go is not important to me,

so long as I can be in your arms,

and see your face,

and feel your heart.

Without you, I am just a little man,

scared of being in this gigantic world alone.

Mr. Sweetie

Mr. Sweetie is a first-time person and full-time sweetie. He loves kisses and his Papa, Cisco, and hanging out with his Mami, Grandpa, and Koolma while he learns about living. He drools sometimes, and his dreams are of big, happy, milky boobs, and saving the world. He thinks life is like a giant boob: the more you suckle, the more it produces. You can find him most days sleeping in the bed he was born on, planning his next fantastical adventure.

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