Live Long and Prosper By Having Fun!!


This past weekend we went to a local annual festival – HonkTX!, a marching band festival. I have gone each year for about the past 5 years and have enjoyed it immensely every year.

This is not your typical marching band gathering…. However, it is very consistent with Austin, Texas (one of our unofficial (I think) city slogans is “Keep Austin Weird”). Bands come from a number of cities and states, such as Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Hawaii; Chicago, Illinois, etc, as well as local bands from Austin. It takes place within about a 3-5 block area near the University of Texas campus, outdoors at about five little park areas. Each band plays for about 30-60 minutes, usually playing a couple times a day on Saturday, with a parade as the culmination on Sunday.

I am mentioning this because while I was there, I really noticed all the adult participants extremely enjoying themselves. Many of them are very, very unusually dressed, faces painted, with eclectic, unusual and very silly outfits on. I find that I delight at witnessing people really having fun and being as silly and creative as they were when they were children, because it is so uncommon in our western everyday life.

I also quite enjoy that there are many families and children in attendance, including babies.               SAM_2553

This made me feel so much gratitude to the parents for bringing their kids to these types of happenings, where they can see adults enjoying life in this way and confirming that it is not only ok to really have fun and be creative and silly, but to also do something you are passionate about. In turn, the bands bring lots of enjoyment to the attendees – now that’s a WIN-WIN!!!

This was just a reminder that there really are so many things happening outdoors and around the city, state and country that can provide enjoyment, bonding, creativity, stimulation and inspiration that I want to remind everyone of this and encourage you to do these things as a couple, as a family, as an opportunity for spending enjoyable time together and creating memories. Bonus! – many of the functions and opportunities are even free or fairly low cost.

Take the opportunities while they are here, as kids grow up, live independently, move away, get married, etc., and spending time together may not be as easy as when they are younger.

Enjoy and love each other – have fun!!!

Blessings to you and thanks for all the loving parenting you do.

Hug attached,

Koolma  : )

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