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There is no lack of opportunities for learning in any life, but certainly in the life of any parent there is never a dull moment – even when you may really, really like to have one…  : )

Since I returned back to town a couple days ago, Mami and I have had several discussions about the latest mothering experience in the life of raising Mr. Sweetie – TEETHING!

She has been using a combination of homeopathic pellets, gel filled freezer chews (for babies, not dogs), wet washcloths, and an amber necklace. It seems she thinks some of them help – somewhat, but not quite as much as she would like – hence the discussions.

I only remember using the gel filled beads available at the time, wet washcloths (sometimes put in the freezer for a bit), and rubbing some type of clove oil product on the gums. It all seemed to work to get us through the experience, as I do not remember it as an extremely difficult time, but I decided to do some further research about what is available today so I could make a few suggestions.

Again, I was faced with the blessing, and curse, of the vast amount of information at our fingertips – the internet! (I say blessing because it is much easier and quicker to have access to large amounts of information, however, there is soooooo much to wade through it can be very time consuming, and, as in this case, you can even find conflicting information (and usually do)).

However, I was still able to find a number of things that sounded potentially beneficial to me.

1 – I found a couple of types of homeopathic pellets. One was from Boiron (Teething Relief) and the second was from Humphreys (Teething Relief). These have been very effective for many and remove the need for using Tylenol or other pharmaceuticals on your toddlers/babies. Users have also reported the use of pellets to help their youngsters sleep through the night when they were previously having a tough time doing that due to teething pain, and face it, everybody is happier with a good night’s sleep.  : )

2 – Apparently the amber teething necklaces are very popular at this time – I never even heard of them before a couple days ago…. From what I read, they work by releasing an acid, when exposed to the body’s warmth, that is therapeutic and anti-inflammatory, which then helps reduce the pain and discomfort your baby is experiencing. You can check them out further here. (I saw that many people really think these are amazing, but highly recommend that you make sure you are getting the Baltic amber for effectiveness.)

3 – Teething Feeders are another interesting option I got introduced to in my search. You can put cold or frozen food or frozen breast milk, etc, into mesh enclosures and attach the handle for your baby’s easy grasping and let them gnaw away at it. One woman suggested using frozen apple sauce. Check them out here.

4 – There are also commercially produced clove oil or teething liquids, gels, etc, but I also saw some discussion about clove oil not being advised for children under 2. I guess I am a little old-school; I remember my own grandmother talking about using clove on her babies, and I know I used some form of it on mine and it worked quite well, so I am all for it, but I do understand that it is a potent and warming oil (you know, spicy or tingly – which is what helps make it effective), so it is definitely important to dilute it significantly before applying it to the tender gums of your precious sweetie! You can get a commercial pre-made product here or you can play with making some of your own (a couple recipes or guidelines can be found here and here). The second option is free of clove oil, and relies on chamomile instead.  A homeopathic gel can be located here, and had some very good reviews.

5 – A couple other suggestions I really liked were taking a tablespoon or two of rice and placing it in the center of a washcloth (you can apply a couple drops of an essential oil to it if you like), and using an rubber band on the twisted washcloth to contain the rice while creating a handle with remaining washcloth. Put this whole thing in the freezer and voila! You have a cold, interesting textured chew for your sweetie! Lastly were the suggestions of a wooden spoon and some food items, like a large cold carrot, to gnaw away on. These can provide long periods of fascination and relief to your sweetie and possibly free you up to eat your own meal. Hooray!!

As with any option, use your own wisdom and pay attention to make sure that whatever you choose to try is working ok for your sweetie at their current age and sensitivity level. I would try the gels, tinctures, etc on myself first to confirm that they seemed effective yet mild before putting them on my sweetie’s tender gums, especially if I made them myself. Remember, they have probably never had anything like that before…

What are you currently using or have you used for your teething sweetie and how well did it work? Have you heard of or used other methods you feel are beneficial that you can share with others here?

Blessings to you and thank you for all the loving parenting you do, it makes a better world, one Sweetie at a time.

Hug attached,

Koolma  : )

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