It Takes A Village To Raise a Child (Especially A Village With Lots of Koolma’s)

As anyone, man or woman, can attest to, having a baby is one of the most all consuming experiences anyone can ever go through.

Think about it, you now have a little human who cannot do anything for themselves and only communicates through sound and body language. This can be a great challenge that can sometimes be rewarding, sometimes frustrating, sometimes delightful (to the maximum degree) and sometimes agonizing, because you cannot seem to figure out what to do to calm or soothe your baby.

Because of how strongly we love and care for our babies, it can also be a very charged topic and experience.

We all want to be “good mothers and fathers” and take the best care of our babies as we possibly can. That is why it motivates us, like very few things do, to read and research, google and ask friends or family for information and advice on any topic we are now encountering or stumped by.

Fortunately (I think), for the current generations, this is much easier to do because of the computer and internet. Back when I had babies, not all that long ago, there really was none of this available for the masses. Imagine that!

We totally had to rely on looking for books at libraries or bookstores and talking to our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, other relatives and friends. Then we had to decide what to try, and then observe if it worked for our baby and in our situation. You know, trial and error.

Even though we now have the convenience of the internet, there is still a very valuable role played by these human sources. They have something the internet cannot easily offer, if at all. Hands on time-tested experience, love for you and your baby, a hug, a shoulder to cry on, help in times of need (I sure would like to see the internet do that – I am not talking about looking for services you have to pay for here).

In the end, humans are still interactive creatures, and having and raising a child are very time and energy consuming projects to take on. The more that we can help each other, in any way we can, the better off we all are. Helping each other makes happier healthier babies and kids, parents, communities, countries and potentially a happier healthier world. Plus, sharing our experiences, both past and present, help us all to have multiple sets of eyes, ears and brains! Amazing! This is still one of the main ways I learn about new things – through human connections.

A recent example of this is, over the years I have continually been amazed at just how important the diet we eat is to so many aspects of our health, well-being and longevity. Not to mention what diseases or afflictions we may and may not get. Really, it is astounding information when you start to study the topic, and it all begins prior to and during our birth. Pretty important info for parents at any stage of the experience and for all of us as individuals, no matter our age. I personally have made many dietary changes over the years and try different things I learn about from time to time to check out if they are a better fit for me.

Guess how I learned about this? From the mother of two 7-10 year old boys, about 2 years ago, who was going through her own disease and health challenges, and when working with the doctor for her own health issues, found that some dietary changes healed what her prior doctors wanted to do surgery for (removing a chunk of her thyroid), or they wanted to irradiate it. Plus, since these tendencies are genetic, her whole family made the same dietary changes and everyone is healthier now! Wow! Alot less money, alot more health and vitality for the whole family.

This is the power and help that connecting with others in our village can be. This is the power a mother has to change the course of her own health and the health of her family.

For further learning on this topic from an expert, check out Dr. Amy Myers’ blog “How To Set Your Newborn Up For Lifelong Health“.

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