Finding Peace and Balance In A Crazy Busy World

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A couple days ago, I was on Facebook for just a few minutes (really, my computer was unhappy and running really slow, so I closed everything and shut it down & went to bed – probably a blessing : ), but I was really trying to respond to a fresh post from a young cousin of mine (21 yrs old). She lives a few states away and I just saw her at a family gathering (a funeral) a few months ago, but hadn’t seen her since a family reunion about 15+ years ago. She was really young and cute and took my hand without even knowing me very well, so I could walk her around the pool courtyard and show her things. It was so sweet, I still remember that…

But her post showed a photo of her forearm and the fingernail marks that were cut into it by her own hand, in an attempt to deal with intense anxiety. She went on to share that this is something she and many other people have to deal with on a daily basis and how difficult it is. That it is unique for each person and is not something that they should be shamed or pitied for. From her perspective, she wanted people to know that it is a true disorder, that the person experiencing anxiety cannot control it and that it hurts when others think they “are ‘just seeking attention’ or ‘going crazy'”. 

She also shared that she would not wish it on her worst enemy and wanted to remind everyone that there are many amazing people that we may encounter each day who could be struggling with “something unimaginable” and went on to encourage people to reach out and talk to someone or ask for help when they need it.

All this was on the heels of Mami being really stressed out of late (sick baby, moving, stressful living environment, balancing busy life) and me experiencing high levels of anxiety for the first time in my life over the last little while (mine seems to be due to recent health, hormone, blood pressure, thyroid issues, but could be from my childhood, something I ate or the sun, moon and stars may be in some weird placement – I haven’t been able to figure it out). Needless to say, I decided we all really need a refresher on finding peace and balance in our lives, even though there is a lot of busy-ness, stress and negativity going on around us. Here are some great tips, pointers, a book and blog posts that I found; see what you think.

One blog post, written by a licensed psychotherapist, entitled “How To Create A Balanced Life: 9 Tips To Feel Calm & Grounded” explained that there are two elements that require the most balancing (internal – includes mind, heart and health, and external – includes work, social, family, fun). It has brief, easily explained steps and felt good just to read! (check it out here)

If you are interested in learning about or are already into yoga and ayurvedic medicine/lifestyle, the next one will be right up your alley. I really liked it and feel it has some great pointers for adjusting your life and habits to support and strengthen peace of mind even if you don’t want to adopt some of the eastern philosophy elements. It is called “6 Tips for Finding Peace and Staying Balanced” and is written by a thirty-something year old woman who shares her journey and experiences with anxiety and healing. Also a very easy read with great nuggets for peace and calm. (read it here)

The next post, “6 Tips to Live in Peace and Balance: What to Let Go,” really spoke to me as well, as it started with a quote I have never read before, but had just been thinking about this exact stuff this morning!

               “All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” ~ Havelock Ellis

The six tips included in the post cover such things as recommendations regarding physical clutter, dreams and goals, expectations, bad habits, memories and experiences, and people. I must say, that earlier today, when contemplating this concept (before reading the post), I really thought this is at the bottom of it all. Using our own inner wisdom, tuning into what we “know” feeds, nurtures, serves and strengthens us, and letting go of things and people that do not support that. (check the full post out here)

Sounds simple right?   : )

There is also a book that was highly recommended to me by someone dear and I used it when coaching a 21-year old woman for extreme social anxiety and eating disorder challenges a few years ago (she was also working with a therapist). The book seemed to really help both young women and got very high praises. It is entitled “The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook.” It has great step-by-step instructions and lots of pointers about beneficial things like relaxation, overcoming negative self-talk, self-esteem, medications, etc. (You can get a copy here.)

I know I feel a bit more peace just having read all of these, now for the applying of the information and the day-to-day, moment-to-moment practicing of it all…

Blessings to you and thank you for all the loving parenting you do; it makes a better world, one Sweetie at a time.

Hug attached,

Koolma  : )

What tools or techniques have you used to bring you and your family more peace and calm?   Do you have any quotes or mantras that you say to yourself at intense moments that are magical or at least very beneficial?

We’d love to hear from you!  Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section so we can help each other; remember, we are all in this together!

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