Family and Friends – Touching Hearts, Touching Lives

CAM00626The past couple days have been really amazing. I have re-created a marriage ceremony (my own) two times, in two different states with my very close family and friends and it has been beautiful!!

I know, a marriage ceremony and celebration can be a really big, busy deal and actually be a bit (or a lot) stressful. So why in the world would someone do it two times?

Because I have people that are extremely dear to me in two separate states and if I only did it in one, a number of them would not be able to attend. This way, only two people had to travel, etc, not a whole huge group of them!

In addition to all the excitement and magic of your own wedding, there was a very surprising and heart-warming experience that took place. At each venue, we had a segment of the ceremony where the attendees were given the opportunity to share their blessings, thoughts or wishes with us, the new couple.

The big surprise and gift for me were the beautiful stories that emerged right from the hearts of the people, our families and friends, that spoke so lovingly of how I or Muse-pa had touched their lives very deeply and significantly. Some of the stories were dated back 30 or 40 years ago, but were still etched very vividly in the hearts and minds of our dear ones.

This got me wondering about several things.

How sometimes very simple things, like simply being friendly and including a new person in your in junior high cooking class to join your group or inviting your brother to take a dance class with you (stretching their boundaries and comfort zone) can create memories that touch a life forever.

Surprisingly, I was really unaware of how some things I had done in the past had touched others as deeply and profoundly as they were described in the stories shared by friends and family members. I wonder why we do not share these things with each other except at times like funerals, weddings and other “big” or traumatic events. Sometimes, we may never share them…. I wonder what stories some of my other family and friends would have shared, had they felt comfortable in doing so in a group setting, as they simply told me later that they did not want to start talking and crying in front of everyone.

Bottom line, love and kindness to others affects them in deep and long-term ways, that we may never even be aware of. Since our friends and families are the ones we interact with the most and on a more frequent basis, they are the ones we tend to impact the most and being able to remember this moment-to-moment when we talk with them and go places with them is an opportunity to shape their lives. One of our most powerful opportunities for this is as a parent.

Best wishes in shaping your life and the lives of your loved ones. It is a beautiful journey.

Have you ever noticed how even a smile can brighten the day of the clerk at the store? What small acts of kindness can you make a habit of doing would make a difference to your children, spouse, friends or neighbors?

Blessings to you and thank you for all the loving parenting you do, it makes a better world one Sweetie at a time.

Hug attached,

Koolma  : )


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