All I Need: A Poem By Sweetie

Almost one year out here,

Playing, learning, watching,

Teaching, laughing, dancing.

Lots of tears, because those are still some of my words;

Lots of smiles, because I get lots of smiles back;

Plenty of delicious boob, petting dogs, and walks outdoors.

I wonder what I will be doing

A year from now,

Me and Papa and Mami,

Koolma and Muse-Pa,

Grandpa, Bubble, Cheese, Homes, and Beebs?

I think we will all have a picnic,

With boob sandwiches and boob cake for dessert,

Boob to drink,

Just sitting out on a blanket in the sun.

Or maybe we will be on bikes,

Pedaling hard, uphill, downhill;

Stopping to refresh ourselves with some delicious boob.

The one thing

That I know for sure is

That my precious boob will be with me,

And my family,

And that is all I need.


Mr. Sweetie

Mr. Sweetie is a first-time person and full-time sweetie. He loves kisses and his Papa, Cisco, and hanging out with his Mami, Grandpa, and Koolma while he learns about living. He drools sometimes, and his dreams are of big, happy, milky boobs, and saving the world. He thinks life is like a giant boob: the more you suckle, the more it produces. You can find him most days sleeping in the bed he was born on, planning his next fantastical adventure.

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