Adaptation: Remaining A Supermami With A Changing Baby

Hello, dear friends and readers! Here we are again, post time for Mami, and there is one topic in particular that has been weighing on my mind over the past week. I have written a similar post here about this already, but I feel that, every time this particular thing happens, I am learning a little more about how to approach it in the best possible way, and I am getting better at snapping into a new space of operation quickly.

The topic of which I speak is The Many Phases Of Sweetie. Not that I am an expert in anything other than my own situation, and not that every sweetie is the same, but I believe that every parent and mami, especially first-time parents and mamis, have the same experience with their little sweeties. No matter the temperament of the sweetie, every parent and mami will ultimately, finally, feel as if they have a grasp on each new phase in their sweetie’s life, only to find it changing. This change can be welcome, but it can also be particularly challenging, frustrating, irritating, and, most significantly, it can take away from the enjoyment that you get out of the time spent with your precious little sweetie.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but, for me, these feelings are heavy. I feel guilty; I can see myself in a few years with a self-induced heartache as I look back and wish that I would have enjoyed Mr. Sweetie’s infancy more. This becomes a cycle: I behave in a way that I am not happy about, I beat myself up over it so I can’t fully climb out and move past it, and my mood stays pretty low for longer than I would like to admit to anyone.

As you can probably guess, I am experiencing a change right now in Mr. Sweetie’s development. He has started to refuse a second nap, even though he is tired, and it is making him cranky. This means that I have to choose between taking a nap with him to get some much-needed sleep, or use that time to study, sew, cook, clean, do laundry, paint, craft, etc. This is not a choice that I like making. At first, I decided, “That’s okay. I will just take a nap when Sweetie naps, and do all of those other things in the evening, when Cisco is home, and I will stay up a little later to catch up on what I didn’t have the time to do during the day.” Little did I know, this phase also means that Mr. Sweetie wakes up after only about an hour and a half of evening sleep, after which time he stays glued to boob for the duration of the evening.

So, what have I decided to do? I have decided to make dinner early. I have decided to get as much done during the day as I possibly can, so that I can feel okay with going to bed early, so that I can wake up early, while Mr. Sweetie is still sleeping. Literally overnight, I have changed my schedule completely, and, let me tell you, it is not exactly an easy adjustment! I’m sure, just as I am becoming comfortable, there will be another loop thrown, and I will once again face the challenge of rearranging my life. But my hope is that my reaction time to these changing days will become shorter and shorter, and my solutions will come faster, so that I can really be the mami that I will be proud to look back on, with little to no regrets.

Have you experienced anything like this? What did you do about it? How can your awareness of your new life as a parent or mami be translated into continuing to create a pleasant parenting experience for yourself? Please leave a comment in the space below; we would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading!


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Mami is an artist, aspiring entrepreneur, and first-time, full-time mother. She enjoys long walks with Mr. Sweetie, good food and cooking, her family and dear friends, writing, arting and crafting. She doesn't know everything, but wants to learn, and loves to do research and share what she finds. She thinks life is like a box of puzzle pieces: you keep trying until it fits, because every piece has its place. She owns and operates whatever she sets her mind to, and knows that the sky is only the limit if you haven't left the ground yet.

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