Monthly Archive: March 2015


Sleep?! Who Needs It?

Well, now I’ve got almost four months under my diaper waistline, and the days are zooming by! Doing push-ups, dancing with Mami, hanging out on Wednesdays with Koolma, and trying to fit Tigger’s whole...

Mommy’s Magic Potions 1

Mommy’s Magic Potions

We’ve had a bit of sickness going around the household in the last few days, which doesn’t happen that often for us (Halllelujah!!), but it does remind me of how important it is to...


5 Tips For Creating Time For Mami

Good afternoon, readers and mamis! This past week has disappeared quicker than a pint of ice cream in an wood-burning oven, and I feel like I have been living an action-packed symposium of nonsense....